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17 Nov 2016
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Metal Fabrication
In the olden days war ships had been used once the deadly source of destruction and to under siege the enemies. They were laden with huge hands, war and ammunition heads. War vessels were the upgraded form  of the sail ships to ironclads. Days past they  were made of hard wood and metal works. Into  the mid 1794 theses ships were first discovered as the ut most efficient machine to battle in combat wars, as by that time passenger and commercial ships were already in use as a best mode of transport within  the continents.
Metal Fabrication
Within the belated 19th century here came a transformation of war ships directly into high end battle vessels which had been way more advanced than the old war ships, as a result all the old war ships were replaced by submarines and naval vessels like aircraft providers. This caused the abandonment associated with war that is old. Then these  were either positioned in the headquarters that is naval a heritage or either they were plunged into the ocean to re-habitat the coral life and rest spending time in junk yards.

Simply those times Bebo Kobo a business guy from Israel realized that one necessary thing that every rich like to have aside  from a Rolls Royce, and big bungalow was a private yacht and exactly what better if the old war ships had been recycled and became luxury yachts. Bebo Kobo has been the most familiar names in designing and innovation as he has effectively set down the most auspicious projects just like  the Flea market in the town of Opa Locka few years back.

These transformed yachts often comprises of 20 luxury rooms including two super luxury suites with a lounge, a bar, a ball space, a mini opera, a multi-cuisine dining, an open terrace space, a personal pool, spa, well equipped gym and a fully high-tech saloon. All luxury yachts includes some high-tech gadgets like LCD panels, DVD Home theaters, Wi-Fi connectivity and all modes of satellite communication including GPRS and GPS systems.

Many of these yachts were created  to order and delivered to respective customers in around 18 months time and all  the time they've been obtained by the cruise or adventure travel operators. The yacht market is valued around the $ 11.5 billion today. Most of the true luxury yachts are sized from 24 meters to 50 meters with single, dual and triple deck layouts. These yachts classified into two categories the Giga yachts and the Mega yachts. Mega yacht is usually  the choice that is first of as  they  are medium sized and can accommodate at the many 20-25 persons. Other hand Giga yachts were more costly to manage as they will have a five deck layout and also a Helipad. They are almost a mini cruise by  itself and that can up to 100 meters long and can accommodate as much as 100-200 people depending on their layouts.

The yacht market is growing at the rate of 15% every 12 months and expected to go up by 25% till 2015. Bebo Kobo is making a move that is prominent the market by rapid expansion and delivering the most effective suited products as per the customer needs and that made the Bebo Kobo one of  the leading yacht entrepreneurs on earth.


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